Our live action adventure is precisely scripted to produce a challenging and rewarding team building experience that will highlight your team’s communication, organization, logical and creative thinking skills. All of this will occur under the watchful gaze of Professor Von Guttenberg who will present your team with the analysis of your moves, decisions, and communications throughout the 60 minutes or less, if your team successfully escapes the hungry maw of Dr. Oxy.

“There is no I in T-E-A-M but there is M-E-A-T!” – Dr. Oxy

Most teams will not escape the room in the 60 minutes allotted. Those that do escape share some common traits such as:

MANAGE – Groups (and subgroups) require both a leader and followers in order to process the many clues throughout the room. These groupings will come together quickly and members may play different roles in the different groups. For instance, one puzzle may organically generate Sue to lead the solution while she may switch with Dave to be a follower on a different puzzle. It is important to manage this dynamic in order to complete all of the puzzles in a timely fashion. Did we mention that you have to do this on-the-fly with a chained ankle-biter close at hand?

ENLIGHTEN – It is critical to give your teammates greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation; in other words, enlighten your teammates throughout the adventure. Your teammates must also be receptive to the knowledge that you are sharing. While most everyone can easily grasp the importance of “Watch out, the zombie is right behind you!”, it is also important to share the possible answers to clue while also being open to other possible solutions.

ASPIRE – Prior to entering the room, it may be easy to aspire to be one of the 30% of teams that escape. Many of those that fail, lose that aspiration, that confidence that they will indeed escape. Or as Dr. Oxy says while paraphrasing Henry Ford, “You are as tasty as you want to be!” Many teams are only able to escape with only a few minutes left on the clock and a belief that they can.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – Yes, really and truly think outside the box since your escape is contingent upon your ability to do so. The clues do not follow Occam’s Razor because sometimes the first answer in your head may be wrong. Can you mentally jump to another answer and try that instead? Can you ENLIGHTEN your team as to the other possibilities?

If you want to test your team’s ability to tackle these challenges, then Dr. Oxy would certainly like to eat, er, um, meet you! If you don’t find a convenient time on our Buy Tickets page, then feel free to send us a message to schedule a mutually convenient time!