How many participants are on a team?
Each entrapment session allows for up to 12 team members to participate. You may be in a session with other people you do not know and you’ll be working together to escape and not get eaten by Dr. Oxy.

How long does the session last?
Plan for the entire experience to take 90 minutes. This includes time for instruction, your entrapment with Dr. Oxy and analysis of your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

What are the requirements to take part in a session with Dr. Oxy?
Safety is our highest priority. Due to the nature of this adventure, we do not permit pregnant women or children under 8 years of age to participate. A paying adult must accompany appetizers…er, children ages 8-14 (1 adult must be present for 6 children/2 adults for 12). Anyone under the age of 18 must print and bring a liability release waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. CLICK HERE for the waiver. A minimum of two adults must accompany groups of children (including birthday parties) under the age of 18.

What could disqualify me from attempting to escape?
If you get touched by Dr. Oxy, you will be required to sit. At that point, although you will no longer be permitted to search for clues, you can still participate verbally.

If I don’t escape, will I really get eaten?
Because cannibalism has been outlawed since 1804, it would be illegal for the zombie to actually eat you.

What happens if I try to run from the zombie?
Even though your “fight or flight” response will be in full gear during this unforgettable experience, we ask that you avoid running for your life. Your safety is of vital importance and running to escape the zombie may cause you to trip or collide with your team mates. Remember, this experience is a battle of wits. You’ll be using your brain—not your body—to escape from the room.

What should I bring to the session?
Be sure to bring your inner super-sleuth and your problem-solving skills! The answers to the clues, riddles and puzzles are all in the room. You’ll use your skills to look for clues, communicate with the other team mates and apply deductive reasoning to escape.

What items are not permitted?
Dr. Oxy would be more likely to eat those who are distracted by electronic devices, so be sure to leave yours outside the room. The use of electronic devices of any kind or any outside tools are prohibited. You will not be permitted to participate if you attempt to use them.

What happens if I’m late for the session?
You will not be permitted entry into the room if you are late. Your entrapment with Dr. Oxy begins at exactly the time you sign up for. Please arrive 15–20 minutes early to make sure you are here before the room is locked. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

How can I access the session via public transportation?
We are within a few blocks of the Powell St. BART Station and the CalTrain station.

How can I schedule a private session for only our team?
You can purchase all 12 tickets at once to reserve an entire session for your team. (Please contact us if there are no sessions with 12 tickets available and we will create a special session for your team.)